Your credit card purchases are 100% protected

You're never liable for unauthorized charges
Shop worry-free
Active fraud monitoring
Quick resolutions, when necessary
Whether you're shopping online or at a store, you're often using your Sharonview credit card to complete the purchase. We want you to be completely confident about using your card because we continuously monitor for fraudulent use.

Your purchases come with zero-liability protection, meaning you'll never pay for unauthorized charges from fraudulent use. And we flag suspicious purchases with a robust system that identifies spending behavior that's out of your normal pattern.

You can join the fight against fraud, too, by closely reviewing your account statements for any suspicious behavior. If you see something, contact us immediately so we can act swiftly. Part of our security program includes $1,000 reimbursement for covered expenses related to restoring your identity, too.

So be confident when using your Sharonview credit card, knowing that we're working behind the scenes to protect you.

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