Get the most out of Online and Mobile Banking

Our Online Banking service is a tremendous asset, especially when you understand all the ins and outs of what it can do. Use this guide to discover new ways of using Online Banking and get answers to your questions.

Mobile Apps

We offer 3 ways to log in to our mobile apps, and 2 of them are bio-metric. The 1st way is using the traditional username and password – but we also use a one-time passcode if we don’t recognize your device, to make sure it’s really you. The 2nd way is by Fingerprint, and the 3rd way is by Face recognition – If your device supports fingerprint authentication or face recognition, then so do we. It only takes a split second to login.
If we don’t recognize the device you are using to access Online or Mobile banking, we will ask you to verify the device you are using by sending you a text message or phone call to the contact information on file. This is to protect you and your account. Please NEVER allow anyone else to use your account, no matter how convincing their story. If you didn’t request access to online or mobile banking, then do not reply to the text or provide anyone else with the access code. We have seen people attempt to defraud members using confidence scam and requesting the members to provide the 2nd factor authentication code.
When you open the Sharonview mobile app, just tap on Locations, and we’ll show where the closest atms and branches are near you. Your phone will even give you step by step directions to get there.
If you just need your balance, you don’t even need to log in. If you just swipe down while on the login screen, Quick Balance will show you your account balances and last few transactions. Don’t worry, we still keep all important account information hidden behind our secure login.

Online Banking

If you need to send money between Sharonview and another financial institution, just click on Move Money inside of Online Banking. Follow the prompts and you can start transfer money into or out of Sharonview with ease.
Need to pay a bill? No problem; we’re here to help. There’s no cost to use our bill pay service. All you need is a Sharonview Checking account to get started. You can pay virtually any bill or even pay other people!* You are always in control of how much, when and who you pay.
* A physical address within the United States is required for all bill pay payees.
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Everything we do is geared toward helping you improve your financial standing, all while treating you the way you deserve. Experience the Sharonview difference.