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One of the benefits of being a valued member of Sharonview is you can view your FICO® Score for free with Online Banking and the Mobile App. Knowing your FICO Score along with reviewing your credit report are important parts of building and maintaining your credit rating.
Understanding your FICO® Score and what it means is a critical part of your financial health. We at Sharonview provide this feature to you at no cost, because we believe achieving and maintaining good financial wellness should be an integral part of your life.

What is a FICO® Score?

FICO ScoreYour FICO® Score is a credit score, and that score is used in more than 90% of U.S. lending decisions to help make determinations about extending credit, the terms to offer and the rate to use. FICO® Scores are based on a complex, scientific algorithmic assessment of the information in your credit report.  We offer this feature in Online and Mobile banking to help you to not only know your score, but also to understand the factors that affect it and what you can do to have a positive impact on your FICO® Score.

FICO Score Meter

The FICO® Score program provides you with the following:

  • 24/7 Free online and mobile access to your FICO® Score
  • A view of the factors that affected your score
  • Educational content on FICO® Score, financial health and more

Knowing your score is important, which is why we make it available to you. Your score is updated monthly, and viewing your score will not impact it, so feel free to review it as often as you like.

How to get started

Getting started is easy. Just login to Online Banking or use the Mobile App, and you will have instant access to your FICO® Score.

For more information, please view our FAQs about the FICO® Score program.

FICO and "The score lenders use" are registered trademarks of Fair Isaac Corporation in the United States and other countries.

Sharonview and Fair Isaac are not credit repair organizations as defined under federal or state law, including the Credit Repair Organizations Act. Sharonview and Fair Isaac do not provide "credit repair" services or advice or assistance regarding "rebuilding" or "improving" your credit record, credit history or credit rating.

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